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Career Done Right has been around the block for a while, so we know how the economy has evolved, the application process and resume writing included. Our journey started back in 2004 (formerly ScrapbookResumes.com) and we remain passionate about providing the top resume tips and career advice to help you with your professional career goals.

We understand how important a good resume is to your career, especially how important your career is to you. That’s why we promise you will be absolutely thrilled with our free guided advice and tailored career advice. We love helping people and enjoy working in the career and resume field.

We run this blog purely to help others and do it completely for free. This site is designed to help people with their career. The level of unemployment in the United States is getting better and we like to help as much as we can. We have a segment on the blog where we provide career and resume advice. This provides a different perspective to help people relate and learn.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I hope you get a lot out of this page, and if you have more questions or need extra help, please let me know. I look forward to learning and growing with you.


Career Done Right’s mission is to share valuable information regarding ways for you to advance in your career, score an interview and get the job and more. Career Done Right is planning on being the go-to source for all things career-related by providing the best content for our readers.

We cover a wide range of job opportunities whether you want to work from home or climb the career ladder and everything in between. We also plan on growing and providing useful information on the business side of the gig economy, including freelance tax issues, insurance, and more.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to get a raise or switch careers, Career Done Right provides the information you need to gain a competitive advantage. We hope you continue to come back as we continue to grow.


MeiggsMedia LLC proudly operates Career Done Right, a digital career publication with thousands of monthly unique readers. The team behind Career Done Right are people who learned the ins and out of ways to advance in their careers. They mastered interviews, resume writing, and how to excel at work while creating side hustles and earning extra money on the side.

They now want to help you earn extra money and reach financial freedom by earning more at your job and in life. Even if you already job your dream job, you can always find ways to be more productive at work and network.

MeiggsMedia LLC is headquartered in Northern Virginia near Washington D.C. If you wish to learn more about MeiggsMedia LLC, we encourage you to visit our website.


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