Job Search Frustration: 5 Steps to Re-Launch Your Job Hunting

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Suffering job search frustration? It’s easy to happen if your job hunting has gone without much buzz. Luckily, it’s easy to get that job search back in action!

This is a situation all too familiar to many people. You are a month (or two) into the job search, and the response is very minimal, at best. You are getting few calls and emails, and most of the resumes you have sent out did not even warrant a response.

This economy presents a tough job market for seekers. However, just because you are desperate, it doesn’t mean that you need to come off as such. It is important to avoid some of the basic mistakes that you might be tempted to make in this market.

Job Search Checklist to Avoid Job Frustration

While it can be easy to slip into job search frustration, despair, and wanting to give up, I offer you a more constructive alternative.

Would you like to re-launch the job search that seems to have slowed down? Here is a simple job search checklist.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid on your job hunt:

1. Make a Plan.

Your job search should not just be a random foray into the world of job openings. Instead, you should put some effort into planning your jobs search. Decide where you want to apply, and figure out what you need to do in order to make your job application stand out. Identify your top prospect, and spend the most time on that, first. Then prioritize your other possibilities. From what you will wear to an interview to whom you will approach about a job, create a game plan.

2. Stand out.

It is extremely tempting in this job to simply for anything that you might remotely qualify for. Unfortunately, this is a rather inefficient use of your job hunt resources. If you apply for everything, you won’t have time to really refine applications to the jobs you are most qualified for or the job you want most. Instead of filling out dozens of applications a day, take the time to examine job requirements and make sure that your resume and cover letter reflect the value you could bring while emphasizing what makes you a good fit for a particular job. You will turn in a better quality application that gives you a better chance.

3. Don’t Rely Too Much on Public Postings.

These can be postings online, or public postings in the Classifieds. Yes, you should make use of these sources. But don’t rely on them too much. Instead, see if you can find out about positions that are not open to the public. This might require some careful networking so that you know where there are jobs. Indeed, you should be sure that everyone you know understands that you are on the job hunt. You might be surprised at how those in your networks “ online and offline “ can help you find job openings you didn’t know existed.

4. Prepare for the Interview, Seriously.

Before you go into an interview, prepare in advance. Think about your best qualities, and consider what you can bring to the company. You will need to show that you can solve problems and contribute. You should also think of some intelligent questions to ask, as well as do research about your market value. Be prepared for an interview, and you are more likely to be one of the top prospects.

5. Update Your References.

Be sure that your job references are up to date. Make sure that your references are still willing to recommend you. Let them know what positions you are applying for, and which companies are likely to call. This provides your references with time to prepare so that they won’t be caught by surprise. The last thing you want is a flustered and disgruntled reference stumbling through a recommendation. And don’t forget; if you’re a University of Oregon alum and no longer living in that Eugene campus apartment, be sure to update your address to make things look more professional.

Can you think of other things that can cause job search frustration? Let us know.

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Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs is the founder and CEO of Career Done Right. He has climbed the career ladder from an early age and now runs his own online publishing company, MeiggsMedia LLC. He has years of experience in providing millennials career advice, resume writing advice, and personal finance tips.

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